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You can download my Freeware and Shareware programs, including SimHC12, XLISP-PLUS, Lazyman Sudoku, Lazyman Minefield, and ForthCMP, from here. 68HCS12 Textbook and simulator are now on their own site.
Information about classes I taught is here. I've retired from teaching June 2015. Soon I'll post how to build a PDP-8 Computer, which was a class project for many years. Read my mercifully short autobiography page, and see the plans for a simple but surprisingly difficult puzzle you can build in a wood workshop.
Photograph gallery -- Portland Japanese Garden at 200 (millimeters, that is).
At least for now I've moved my photos from this site to Picasa Web Albums (actually Google+). It has pictures of all the lighthouses in Oregon as well as lots of Oregon waterfalls. Also see my High Dynamic Range and panoramic shots.
I've got many Apple Mac opinions, having switched 8 years ago but still use Windows and Linux on a daily basis. See my critique here. Also see my commentary on why my first MacBook was the best notebook computer I've ever owned. And I have a new page about the software I use on the Macs. Also adding a Mac mini Server.
Are you an Almy? Check in here! My father's book on Almy genealogy and the complete collection of newsletters from 1975 to 2006 are available on-line now! You just need to go here, news.almy.us

Old page on Mac OS X Lion, and how it moves content creation activities to the 21st century.

I need to write about the Mountain Lion, Mavericks, and Yosemite progression -- how Apple backed off a bit from the radical changes in Lion, but also refined some changes, added new system efficiencies, and support for "the cloud" or at least Apples version of it. Yosemite is working great for me. And, of course, El Capitan is just around the corner.

I've moved this site on occasion. See why here. I've also switched from DSL to FiOS®.

Do you use PGP or GPG, both excellent and free public key encryption systems? If so, you might want my pgp key. If you need it, I also have a PGP 5.0 style key.

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