ForthCMP Demonstration Programs

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These programs are provided in the ForthCMP 2.30s distribution. A similar set are provided with 2.2o.

BYTEBNCH.4TH    Byte Magazine prime number bench mark program.
DEFINING.4TH    Defining word examples.
DEMO.4TH        General demo
DRIVER.4TH      Example DRIVER startup code and skeleton device driver
FIND.4TH        Search for string in files.
HANOI.4TH       Example program to do Tower of Hanoi puzzle.
HANOIMT.4TH     Multitasking, message passing version of Tower of Hanoi puzzle.
IAGEBNCH.4TH    Interface Age prime number bench mark program.
INTERUPT.4TH    Example of intercepting interrupts.
KBDR.4TH        Example TSR program.
LIFE.4TH        Conway's game of LIFE demo (IBM PC compatibles only).
MTDEMO.4TH      Multitasking demo (simple!)
QUEENS.4TH      Eight Queens puzzle solving program.
SOKOBAN.4TH     Sokoban game.
TAIL.4TH        Prints the last lines of a file.
TR.4TH          Character translation program.
UNIQ.4TH        Eliminates duplicate lines in ASCII files.
UNLOAD.4TH      Program to generate .HEX from .COM files.
UNSCREEN.4TH    Converts screen files to ASCII files.
WC.4TH          Character/word/line/page count program.

Tom Almy
Last Modified March 6, 1998

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