ForthCMP Libraries

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These libraries are provided in the ForthCMP 2.30s distribution. A similar set are provided with 2.2o.

DOSGO.4TH       Header file, required to generate COM format executables
DOSGOALT.4TH    Alternate DOSGO  file, has built-in exception handling
EXEGO.4TH       Header file, required to generate EXE format executables
ROMGO.4TH       Example ROMABLE startup code
FORTHLIB.4TH    Library file of ANS Forth core words and others, required
DOS1.4TH        DOS file interface compatible with LMI UR/Forth
DOS2.4TH        Second part of above
EXCEPTIO.4TH    Functions in ANS Forth Exception word set.
EXEC.4TH        Function to execute other programs within a ForthCMP program
FACIL1.4TH      Functions in ANS Forth Facilities word set.
FACIL2.4TH      Second part of above
FARMEM1.4TH     Functions for memory allocation and accessing.
FARMEM2.4TH     Second part of above
FILES1.4TH      Functions in ANS Forth File Access word set
FILES2.4TH      Second part of above
FILTER.4TH      Allows stream i/o (KEY and EMIT can use files).
DISPLAY1.4TH    Direct to display output (for improved performance)
DISPLAY2.4TH    Second part of above
INTS.4TH        Important functions for writing interrupt handlers
MEMORY1.4TH     Funtions in ANS Forth Memory Allocation word set
MEMORY2.4TH     Second part of above
MULTI.4TH       Multitasking functions
MULTID.4TH      Multitasking functions  direct display update.
STRINGS1.4TH    LMI UR/Forth and ANS Forth compatible string support.
STRINGS2.4TH    Second part of above.

Tom Almy
Last Modified March 6, 1998

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